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Deligotessen is a culinary project, created with the love of food from all over the world in mind…

A team of professional cooks, graduated from the extinguished Hofmann Culinary School in Barcelona, working together with complete freedom to create each of their dishes, forming creative and original menus.

Chefs from India, to Latin America, Vietnam, Greece and Italy, to the UK…our aim is to share our authentic tastes and give you a real world food experience.

Deligotessen offers fresh, high quality produce, served on street level, at affordable prices and ALWAYS offers new culinary experiences!!






At Deligotessen, we work on a food truck, (Citroën HY IN2), totally restored and tted with the latest kitchen equipment.

Part of our uniqueness is the rotisserie, which we take pride in. Our rotisserie meats, delicious and tender, you will not nd anywhere else…Our other unique feature is our Vermouth stand, which serves authentic Spanish vermouth andartisanal beer.We have an extremely varied menu. We offer roast coquelet with sour cream and chive baked potatoes, a poker of fresh salads, tortilla wraps with exotic fillings, slot machines of gourmet sandwiches, served hot and cold and much, much more.

And above all, our Black Jack, which holds us apart from the rest, a special menu changingaccording to the international chef we have on board with us that day!Fresh pasta, exotic curries, asian avours with fresh herbs, always made with seasonal produceand made on site!We are a diverse, cosmopolitan group of food lovers, sharing our dynamic tastes with you!



our kitchen

Amongst our wide variety of dishes, here’s a little taste of what Deligotessen has to offer:

Our tender, roasted meats accompanied with the classic, melt in your mouth baked potato with sour cream and chives.

Our exotic, exciting curries served with aromatic rice.

Asian Tuna Tataki with Tabulé, a feast for the senses!

Vietnamese Nems, summer rolls, perfect on a hot day!

Pollo Ají, a Peruvian classic.

Porchetta, Honolulu sh tacos with lime, Corvina Ceviche, Peking style duck wraps with hoisin sauce, lamb, mint and feta sliders, the list is endless…!





For your special occasions, everything you need designed exactly to your specications. Deligotessen is at your service for various events: private dinners, birthday parties, weddings, etc.

We will offer you a personalised menu according to your needs.We have a hot dog stand personalised by Deligotessen where we serve our much loved potato twist “curly fries” and delicious hot dogs with chilli cheese, jalapeño, crispy onion and our special four cheese lovers sauce.





For anytype of information or inquiries please contact usby phone or e-mail on:

Mail. info@deligotessen.com

Telf. +0034 636 535 058.

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